Job description

1. Keep abreast of and track the development of drugs in relevant fields at home and abroad;

2. Independently carry out project R&D evaluation and management capabilities;

3. Responsible for formulating R&D plans and designing reasonable screening programs;

4. The integration team will be implemented in accordance with the plan;

5. Responsible for the planning, communication, review and supervision and management process of the company's project research and development process;

6. Responsible for the writing of patents, scientific research articles and drug declaration materials in the field of work;

7. Timely control of project progress, risk, cost and quality;

8. Classify and summarize the experimental data, and report the progress of the project regularly.


1. Doctoral degree in biochemistry/molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, pharmacy or related majors;

2. Have more than 5 years of experience in new drug development;

3. Relevant work experience in overseas or large pharmaceutical enterprises is preferred;

4. Experience in coordinating and managing CRO organizations is preferred;

5. Have the ability to analyze and solve problems independently, and good organizational and coordination skills;

6. Have a team spirit and strong ability to resist pressure.