Job description

1. Responsible for the implementation of preclinical experiments of new drugs in related fields of the company, monitoring the preclinical experiment process, and controlling the overall budget of each project;

2. Participate in the formulation of pre-clinical research plans and research plans, be responsible for communicating and coordinating with CRO and other partners, and promote the progress of pre-clinical projects;

3. Participate in the writing of indd relevant materials for project declaration, and assist the registrant to complete the new drug declaration work;

4. Responsible for the communication and support of pre-clinical related information of drug review.


1. Major in clinical pharmacology or biology, master degree or above;

2. Experience in clinical research projects of new drugs;

3. Experience in coordinating and managing the work of CRO organizations is preferred;

4. Have good English reading ability;

5. Team management experience is preferred;

6. Excellent fresh graduates can be considered.